"I give you The Magician because you are magical. Magical because you have the power to inspire others, magical because what you do helps us break from our daily reality, magical because you make room for the unexpected and the absurd in our quotidian lives, magical because you harness that impossibility we call a 'raptor', and magical because all magicians base their practice on honoring a craft through repetition and practice, joining action and meditation in one single process, until certain motions become second nature. It is through that craft that the magician builds himself—or herself—up, as an individual with distinctive features that make him who he is. The Magician acquires his sense of identity from the practice of his craft. So, as he creates beauty, he becomes beauty."



Who Has Influenced You the Most? - An Interview with Reggie Rooney
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What Is Your Passion? - An Interview with Reggie Rooney
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What is the Meaning of Life? - An Interview with Reggie Rooney
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What Would You Say to the World? - An interview with Reggie Rooney
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How Are You Different Than 10 Years Ago? - An Interview with Reggie Rooney
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"You are a hawk circling around on the flyways of the world [....] Take heart my dear-who knows what's out there waiting for us...I need to tell you that and tell you how much our friendship has meant to me....you have always colored my life in psychedelic colors because you are a star that shines brightly illuminating all that is around you. That is why your stories are so wonderful....they are like little gems that shine on their own just waiting to be discovered and told. Thank you for these 60 years of travel and adventure......these 60 years on the road...."

-Jane Burke

"I believe you know your Soul's mission, you have always known it...even as a young child.


You are part of the Divine, your intuition knows that. Your gifts and insights are a blessing to all who know and love you.


Your enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge and learning is an absolute delight to witness. You make everything an adventure. You take the ordinary and make it spectacular!


It doesn't matter what story you share, whether it is about your travels and the interesting people you have met, your conversations with people, your many wonderful experiences, the places you have visited, giving your chicken dinner to a homeless man on the street, or how you describe your favorite ice cream. You have me spellbound when you share and I know you have that effect on everyone who has the good fortune to know you and spend time in your wonderful company.


Keep sharing your magical stories and bringing joy to this world."



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