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Something Missing
A Digital Story
Scott Cameron
By Lucas Caleb Rooney
The Look Box
By Gail Maran Brockett
Cat of My Heart


Sound On/Off

December 15, 2016


Mom, kids and I laughing still about how great this Christmas was.  They loved seeing you and feel your love and admire and respect the adventurous woman you are.  Think it was the best Christmas we had in a long long time…you are the Matriarch of this wild tribe of Rooneys and your blood runs deep here within all of us.  We are you and you are us.  I love all of who you are and have ever been because I am you and you are me. You have given me way way more than I ever gave you enough credit for…you did a 100 percent PERFECT JOB!  I LOVE YOU ALL THE WAY TO WHERE THE WILD THINGS LIVE AND BACK

An Email from Peter Rooney
A Mother's Day Card from Lucas Rooney
Letters from
Cousin Christian John Wikane
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